10 Facts You Never Knew About Titanic


The early morning of 15 April 1912 saw the biggest passenger ship ‘Titanic- the unsinkable ship’ sinking after colliding with a massive ice-berg. On its voyage, the ship that sailed with 2,224 passengers, saw much heartbreak as 1500 lives were lost.

Here are 10 facts that you didn’t know about Titanic.


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  1. [highlight]Titanic was named after Titans of Greek mythology. [/highlight]

Harland and Wolff who built the ship wanted its name to justify its monumental art and hugeness, so they decided to take a cue from Greek mythology.

Titans were Greek Gods who were thought to be giants, powerful and ruthless and thus the ship was named Titanic after them.


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  1. [highlight]Titanic saw 7 people’s death even before it was launched. [/highlight]

It took three long years and 7 lives for the ship to be constructed. Since workers were not very careful back then, 6 people died during construction owing to health and safety issues while 246 got injured. 

Call it a sign or a coincidence, the seventh death occurred just before the ship was about to be launched. Spooky, isn’t it? 

  1. [highlight]Size matters –Titanic’s Steel measured 1200 ton. [/highlight]

The gigantic ship was all about size. Even the Steel Rivet that holds down the metals of the ship together weighed around 1200 tons. The rudder of the ship was 100 tons which needed to be steered through engines. The massive ship had two reciprocating engines that weighed over 700 tons.

Its claim of being the largest ship is still unchallenged. 

  1. [highlight]It created huge pollution burning 600 ton of coal per day. [/highlight]

Titanic needed over 40,000 horsepower to continue sailing which was provided by steam power. 600 tons of coal was burned every day by 174 workers working tirelessly to generate enough steam to fuel the ship in 150 furnaces.

Also, 100 ton of ash was dumped into the sea round the clock. With these features, Titanic certainly can’t be termed as environment friendly.


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  1. [highlight]Titanic had a huge space for mails- 25,000 cubic feet. [/highlight]

    The ship that was originally named RMS Titanic (Royal Mail Ship), was under contract with Royal Mail Ship and United States post office. It had its own post office that had around 25,000 cubic feet of space for storing mails, letters and parcels. 

The ship employed 6 people for its post office that worked seven days a week to sort through

the pile of mails. Most days around 60,000 mails were sorted.

  1. [highlight]The remains of the ship were found 70 years later. [/highlight]

The ship sank and thousands of people drowned with it but the wreckage of the ship wasn’t found. It was in 1985, nearly 70 years later when the wreckage was found confirming the horrible detail that the ship broke into two before it sank deep into the arms of ocean. 

When the French and American explorers in September finally found the remains of the ship, it was 13 miles away from the coordinates that were told by the ship crew on that black day. 


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  1. [highlight]Capacity to store around 64 lifeboats yet it carried only 20 lifeboats. [/highlight]

The ship wasn’t properly prepared before its voyage. It had the capacity of storing 60 lifeboats which could have been stretched to 64 rescuing 3500 people in the face of crisis. But at the time of sailing, it carried only 20 lifeboats that could house only 1,178 passengers. 

If enough lifeboats had been on board that fateful day, more lives could have been saved. 

  1. [highlight]1,045 more passengers could have been saved. [/highlight]

Maybe it was the fate, that even when on April 14th 1992, another ship that roamed the Atlantis SS Californian warned the Titanic about the ice-berg that they themselves nearly missed, crew of Titanic neglected the warning because they thought that the other ship was too cautious. When the ship finally hit the ice-berg, they launched flares to seek help from nearby ships but Californian ship’s captain ordered his crew to send Morse signals through lamps instead of communicating through wireless. 

Once the realized the severity of the matter and reached the spot of tragedy, there was no rescuing. The survivors were picked by another ship Carpathia. If only matters were taken seriously, everyone could have been saved.

  1. [highlight]Among everything a $100,000 painting had the worth! [/highlight]

The ship didn’t have much gold despite the rumors. The most prized possession was a painting whose worth was $100,000. Other stuff was regular things like food and furniture. 

The site of the wreck has been pronounced as world heritage site so that nothing could be taken from the spot.


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  1. The movie made on Titanic broke every record on box office.

It wasn’t a documentary but the film starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet directed by James Cameron, and was mostly based on true facts like the set and timing of the tragic events. The movie instantly broke every record as every person wanted to learn more about the ship and the lead pair romance was something nobody wanted to miss. 


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Felt those goose bumps? Well, one can’t change the past but we certainly can learn from it.

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